Resource Mobilization and Community Participation Directorate


  • To improve the health status of the population through enabling access to package of essential health services without exposing users to financial hardship.
    “Ensure accessibility of quality health care to all society in Ethiopia without undue financial burden through mobilization of resources, pooling of risks, and purchasing of health services in an efficient and sustainable manner.”

Roles and Responsibilities of the directorate

  • Mobilization of adequate and sustainable resource
  • Enhancing financial risk protection and equity
  • Using financing mechanisms for boosting health system performance
  • Increase the share of regional government health budget allocation from the general regional budget,
  • Systematizing health facility level resource mobilization and utilization
  • Mobilize external resource,
  • Explore and generate new domestic financing mechanisms,
  • Enhance community involvement in mobilizing resources,
  • Implement commercial financing in health,
  • Enhancing financial risk protection:
  • Expand health insurance schemes
  • Streamline state and donor funded schemes
  • Using Financing mechanisms for boosting health system performance
  • Strategizing effective and efficient use of available health resources
  • Defining Essential Health Service Package for the region
  • Implementing strategic purchasing for health
  • Strengthen Public Private Partnership for Health
XX YYResource Mobilization and Community Participation Directorate Director