Environmental and Hygiene


  • Aspire to see the Oromia region population productive, and free from communicable and Neglected Tropical diseases by 2030.


  • Hygiene, Environmental Health, and NTD provide awareness creation for the community, mobilize the population by integrating with other health programs to deliver quality health service, and prevent communicable and neglected tropical diseases in collaboration with stakeholders and partners to reduce illness, and death, and minimize psychological impact.

Role and Responsibilities

  • Assess, update, and analyze all hygiene and environmental health basic data by conducting WaSH survey per annum
  • Realize community participation in the prevention and control of NTD and Other Communicable diseases through behavioral communications
  • Conduct and analyze environmental scan (Strengths, Weaknesses, Threats, and Opportunities)
  • Prepare a strategic plan, annual plan, quarterly plan and monthly plan with the participation of all stakeholders and partners cascade to all levels.
  • Strengthen capacity building of staff mainly engaged in hygiene and environmental health and NTD activities
  • Eradicate, eliminate, and control of NTDs through NTD strategic interventions proposed
  • Prepare complete, quality, and timely report and disseminate to all concerned bodies
  • Strong monitoring of efficiency and effectiveness of WaSH projects
  • Promote evidence-based decisions through performing and using EH and NTD research.
  • Follow up on budget utilization for the intended objects and their timely settlement.
  • Use the hygiene, environmental, and NTD data and report for decision-making.
  • Conduct supportive supervision review meetings with all stakeholders and deliver feedback
  • Enhance the coordinated effort of different sectors and partners in the prevention and control of Communicable diseases and NTDs through a strong advocacy
  • Prepare award ceremonies at least annually to encourage better performance.
  • Fill staff performance scorecards timely and give feedback to all concerned bodies.
MR.Dereje Adugna

MR.Dereje Adugna

Environmental and Hygiene Director