Human Resource Development and Management Directorate


  • Having an adequate number of well-qualified, committed, compassionate, respectful, and caring health workers contributes to the health sector vision. To see a healthy, productive, and prosperous society


  • To promote the health and well-being of society through providing and regulating a comprehensive package of health services of the highest possible quality in an equitable manner.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Promotion of compassionate, respectful, and caring professional practices
  • Support Health institutions in the development of their HRH plans
  • Conduct integrated Supportive supervision and Oversee monitoring and evaluation of the plan
  • Participate in performance management
  • Develop and implement educational and training policies and strategies for health workforce development
  • Provide Pre-service education and training
  • provide Support for Health Science Education Institutions for Accreditation and Programs
  • Conduct quality audits of Health Training Institutions and recommend improvement interventions
  • Provide accredited CPD courses and in-service training
  • Participate in the development of curriculum, quality improvement standards; accreditation, and quality audit visits; and development and implementation of regional/National Licensing Examinations
  • Development and enforcement of professional codes of conduct
  • Recruitment and management of health workers
  • Regulate and Conduct health workforce transfer
  • Develop and implement induction and Orientation Manuals for new entrants to the new workplace
  • Regular review, development, and dissemination of HRM legislation, operational guidelines, and procedure manuals
  • Strengthening performance management and reward for staff motivation and productivity
  • Review and approve HR staffing standards; recruitment and deployment of health workforce
  • Develop, review, and implement health workforce motivating incentive package directives.
  • Strengthening Human resource information system(HRIS)
  • Manage Distribution of health workforces.


Human Resource Development and Management Directorate Director