About Directorate


  •  To see healthy, productive & prosperous citizen 


  • To protect and promote public health by ensuring the safety, quality, efficacy, rationale use, and performance of regulated health & health-related  products & services through licensing, inspection, license registration, laboratory testing, community participation, and provision of up-to-date regulatory information

Roles and Responsibilities 

  • Regulating health & Health-related facilities with respect to 4P’s (Premises, Professionals, Products & Practices).
  • Conducting inspection on both health and health-related products & facilities
  • Licensing of health and health-related facilities & traditional medicines practices
  • Licensing & registration of health professionals and traditional medicine practitioners
  • Conducting Laboratory analysis of food & medicines.
  • Safeguard the public from falsified, substandard, and ineffective health & health-related products
Mr. Bedilu Hailemariam
Mr. Bedilu HailemariamHealth Related Service Product Quality Regulatory Directorate Director