Internal Audit Directorate


  • The objective of the directorate is to provide independent:- objective, assurance and consulting services designed to add value and improve the Bureau's(ORHB) operations and systems of internal controls, risk management, and governance processes.


  • To achieve the objective of the directorate and hence, that of the Bureau, the directorate has the following main responsibilities in line with the State Government of Oromia region  Financial Administration Proclamation  No. 138/2004  and Financial Administration council of Region  Regulation No.207/2011  Article 63.
  • A focus on corporate governance offers the directorate the opportunity to become a more active & strategic team player. 

  • To this end, the following are the identified responsibilities of the directorate on governance process of the ORHB(Bureau’s):   

  • Assess and make appropriate recommendation to the management for improving the governance process of the Bureau; 

  • Provide consulting services to appropriate areas of the Bureau  to ensure effective organizational performance management & Accountability;

  • Provide risk & control information to appropriate areas of the Bureau  

  • Provide consulting services to appropriate areas of the Bureau to prompt appropriate  ethics & values. 

  • Assist in the determination of whether current and comprehensive risk management framework are in place to provide  an end-to-end  link between objectives, strategy, and execution of strategy, risks, controls, and assurance  across all levels in the organization(Bureau), and associated procedures for effective identification and management of risks፡  

  • evaluate risk exposures to identify & assess significant risks related to the Bureau's governance, operations & information systems regarding the achievement of the organizational objectives, reliability & integrity of financial & operational information, effectiveness & efficiency of operations & programs, safeguarding of assets, compliance with laws, regulations, policies, procedures & contracts;  

  • Assist management to identify the risks of fraud and develop fraud prevention and monitoring strategies.  

  • Review the effectiveness of implemented policies that ensure risks are identified and that controls implemented are adequate, in place and functioning properly.

Mr. Kibru  Gurmessa
Mr. Kibru GurmessaInternal Audit Directorate Director