Finance Directorate


  • Ensuring appropriate utilization of financial resources that are obtained both from government & development partners!


  • The objective of Finance is ascertaining that the monetary income and expenditures of the OHB are undertaken in line with the financial laws and directives of the region as well as in compliance with the requirements of the health development partners.
    The directorate is also required to ensure that the grant fund is used for the intended purpose in the time specified and report is issued in a timely.

Role and Responsibilities 

  • Prepare cash flow and request budget  from the Bureau of Finance 
  • Issue receiving vouchers for various incomes and ensure that it is recorded properly.
  • Effect payment in line with the budget allocated by the government.
  • Respond to auditors' queries timely and appropriate.
  • Prepare and submit reports on receipts and utilization of treasury budgets.
  • Timely close the books of accounts and present them to internal and external auditors for review and take corrective action on audit findings.
  • Settle payments for any services, purchases, salary, allowance, and other financial commitments of the bureau 
  • Ensure that funds obtained from development partners and government body is used for intended purposes.
  • Regularly submit reports to the concerned bodies and the management.
  • Follow up receivable and payable accounts for settlement.
  • Ensure the accuracy of financial statements and carry out supervisory tasks.
  • Keep the records of resources obtained from various development partners accurately.
  • Ensure the accuracy of financial statements.
  • Carry out supervisory tasks at the zonal level.
  • Facilitate all audit activities by external and internal auditors.
  • Take corrective actions based on the auditors' opinion.
  • Identify grants finance management gaps, at all levels, and propose a plan for bridging them.
Chalchisa Daba

Chalchisa Daba

Finance Directorate Director