Health Information Technology Directorate

The Health Information Technology Directorate under the OHB strives for improving the quality, accessibility, and equity of health service deliveries and ensuring timely and consistent data as well as its use and dissemination with the help of electronic health information systems.

One of the main goals of the Directorate is to realize the accessibility, quality, and equity of health services through cost-effective, indigenous, and innovative information and communication technologies in context with the realities of the region. In order to achieve the transformation agendas of the sector and ensure the quality and accessibility of services to both internal and external customers, the following activities would be carried out with respect to injecting contemporary information technologies

Roles and Responsibilities of the Directorate

  •  Ensure the sustainability of ICT infrastructure and maintain its standard in all health facilities;
  •  Implement electronic information systems to collect and disseminate health information regionally;
  • Expand access to medical services by filling in the gaps in health facilities by implementing modern technologies;
  •  Implement information systems that modernize the workflow of the Bureau; 
  •  Compile information using state-of-the-art technology to ease access to health information of citizens' care providers and managers;
  •  Provide training on the use of health information systems and technologies implemented at various levels; monitor and support applications;
  •  Facilitate capacity-building training for IT/HIT professionals serving in health institutions throughout the region; 
  •  Develop policies and procedures that define ICT Standards for procuring, developing, and implementing as well as managing equipment and systems;
  •  Develop and/or customize various applications based on sectoral requirements with a view to identifying and introducing new health information systems;

Mr. Tesfu Negasa

Mr. Tesfu Negasa

HIT Directorate Director