About -HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control Directorate


  • Implement effective HIV/AIDS prevention and control programs; coordinate the regional HIV/AIDS response, strengthen health systems, and programmatic and social enablers to ensure sustained epidemic control in the foreseeable future. 

Roles and Responsibilities 

  • Adopt/Adapt HIV/AIDS Prevention & Control strategies.
  • Implement the identified HIV/AIDS prevention & control strategies.
  • Ensure that PLHIVs, HIV/AIDS patients, AIDS orphans, and families of people Living with HIV are getting the necessary prevention, care & treatment services.
  • Strengthen and support national & regional level HIV/AIDS prevention & control collaborative activities.
  • Coordinate, facilitate & supervise the identification of HIV through laboratory & implement a strong HIV surveillance system in the community to monitor new HIV transmission & response based on results.
  • Coordinate, support & closely work with governmental & non-governmental institutions, different organizations & individuals working on HIV prevention & control activities to strengthen the HIV prevention & control efforts of the region.
  • Work to mobilize financial & other resources support for HIV/AIDS prevention & control activities.
  • Support the allocation of resources for governmental &, non-governmental institutions, different organizations & individuals & Kebele HIV/AIDS committee working on HIV/AIDS prevention & control based on their activity or project plan & monitor & supervise its implementation
  • Provide capacity building for health care workers found across different levels.
    In collaboration with higher learning institutions conduct researches that can improve the provision of quality HIV prevention, Care & Treatment services.
    Ensure the availability of necessary medications, supplies & medical equipment used for HIV prevention & control activities.
Dr. Gusha Belako

Dr. Gusha Belako

Deputy Head & HIVAIDS Prevention and Control