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Oromia is the largest and the most populous region in the nation. Oromia Regional Health Bureau is one of the major sector bureaus in the region responsible for providing comprehensive package of preventive, promotive, curative and rehabilitative health services to the community at large through decentralized and democratized health system in collaboration with all stakeholders. The Bureau is also concerned with double responsibility in administering and regulating all health and health related activities in the region. As part and parcel of the national growth and transformation plan (GTP), the regional health bureau has developed the five years health sector strategic plan and has executed the first year operational plan. This report demonstrates the achievements of HSDP IV first year performance against the pre set targets for the reporting period.

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Konfiransiin fayyaa fi gamaggama raawwii hojii 

Konfiransiin fayyaa fi gamaggama raawwii hojii bara bajeeta 2009 fi kurmaana tokkoffaa bara 2010 sadaasa 26-29/2010tti guyyoota afuriif magaalaa Adaamaa galma A/Gadaatti biiroo Eegumsa fayyaa Oromiyaatiin gaggeeffamaa ture ibsa ejjennoo abbaa qabxii sagalii baheen tibbana xumurame.

HSTP Launch

The potential health service coverage of the region in terms of health centres was 90% during 2003 EFY. With the current accelerated expansion of health facilities, the potential health service coverage will reach 100% within the nearest future. In line with this, the Health Extension Program’s...

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